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The Artful Self-Discovery Workshop

The Artful Self-Discovery Workshop

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Have you ever found yourself thinking, "I'm not the type who dances," "I'm not particularly handy," or "I can’t meditate because I have too many thoughts”?These are labels we often pick up from school, family, and society, forming a box that limits us. We start living our lives solely within the boundaries of this box.

During my past macramé workshops, I observed participants getting stressed, frustrated, and comparing themselves to others.
I believe that when we stop moving our bodies, we get in our heads and forget how truly creative we are. That's why I decided to create a unique experience.

In this workshop, we blend intuitive dance, meditation, and macramé. An artful container for self-expression through movement, stillness, and handcrafting.

Try to remember the earliest memory when you freely let your movements, thoughts, and creations flow. How did that feel like? That is what you will experience in this workshop.
My aim is to create a safe space where you can reconnect with the true you – a free spirit brimming with creativity and inner peace.

Let's get rid of the labels that limit us and feel the joy when we are free:)

Event Details

25.11.2023 16:00-18:00

Fredrikinkatu 19, 00120 Helsinki (next to Dickies Helsinki)

Workshop Highlights:
* 15 minutes of Intuitive Dance: No choreography; just gentle guidance to reconnect with your body.

* 10 minutes of Mindfulness Practice: I'll share heartfelt truths to guide you into a state of presence.

* 90 minutes of Creativity: Craft your own macramé plant hanger—a tangible reminder of your inherent creativity.

What's included?

The workshop fee includes all the materials needed for handcrafting, tea, and a homemade sugar-free dessert (allergies and special needs will be considered).

Who is it for?

No prior experience is required—just an open heart and a willingness to explore the depths of your inner wisdom.

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