The Journey of Self Discovery - I Am Enough

The Journey of Self Discovery - I Am Enough

Ever heard that inner voice whispering, "You're not doing enough; you should be doing more; this is not good enough; you should be doing something else, you are wasting your time..."

But let's pause for a moment: What exactly defines "enough"? Is it a specific income target, the volume of tasks accomplished, or a measure of productivity that tells us we're finally "enough"?

If we entertain the idea that we're not enough, then we must also ponder: What does it truly mean to be enough? And how can we tell if we've crossed the line into "Too Much"?

The truth is, it's all a story we tell ourselves. The narrative of "not doing enough" is tightly woven with feelings of blame, shame, and guilt, compelling us to constantly push for more. But was there ever a time when you genuinely felt "enough"?

We often overlook those moments because our minds habitually repeat the refrain of insufficiency. When we are, in fact, "doing enough," we often don't even realize it.

Take a moment to consider: How does it feel when that inner voice tells you that you're falling short? Does it bring you joy, freedom, or peace?

Now, picture looking at yourself with complete honesty, firmly believing that everyone moves at their unique pace of doing, learning, and growing. And you simply said to yourself, "I'll do my best, and I will honor myself for trying"?

In these moments of grace and acceptance, you'll experience a profound shift in clarity. You'll begin to release the weight of 'not enough' and find comfort in the trust that, indeed, you are and always have been enough.
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